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Goddess is for the women who are ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to reclaim themselves. For the women who are so exhausted trying to conform to the suffocating rules and roles in relationships, religion, communities, and careers, that their heart's voice can no longer be denied or suppressed. For the women who are ready to follow their desires and honest truth, without apology and no matter what the cost.  For the women who are DONE HIDING. 


YOU, Goddess. 


You can feel your magic, buried carefully within.


You know you've been playing small, afraid your power will intimidate others. 


You know you have allowed too many to take advantage of your gifts, always too "nice" to say NO. 


You, GODDESS, you know you're done with all that. You know you're done tip-toing around, afraid to be "too much". That's why you are here. It's time. TIME to take the steering wheel away from your GOOD GIRL. TIME to awaken your sleepy GODDESS. No more apologies. 

The Goddess programs exist to support women in transforming their self-betraying and people pleasing GOOD GIRL to their inner Unapologetic GODDESS. 

We are here on this planet to remind you of the Divine within you, no matter how deeply you have forgotten and no matter how hard they have tried to make you forget.

                     - Jillian Aurora

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Sara J.

Because of Warrior Goddess, I now understand why it was always so hard to stand up for myself. I have always deeply wanted to be a fierce woman but I have always wanted to please everyone too. Now I realize what was standing in the way of owning my strength. My need to please was deeply embedded all along. No more. I'm finished apologizing for my power.


Carter C

If you are ready to take a leap to become aware of yourself I recommend Jillian Aurora to be the clarifying mirror in your life. I poured gas over all my toxifying habits and past attachments caused by these habits. I burned them with a match. Now, after my time, my phoenix heart has finally raised from the ashes and I am new. No amount of money or jewel is worth that change. I am free! I am fire!


Karen T.

Through your work, I've confronted myself and found that I was seeking my worth deep inside the choices of my partner, as if them choosing me over their array of options somehow made me better. Worthy. Because, then, I must be loveable. Wow! Through this insight, I no longer give power to the irrelevant preferences of someone else.