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Choose You, MOM

If you are a MOM who feels GUILTY for choosing your passion, pleasure, and DREAMS, this workshop is for YOU. 

Only $22!

Join Jillian Aurora and Samantha Gillis for a 2 hour recorded workshop, discussing motherhood AND self-care. (Yes, those two words can exist in the same sentence.)

In this workshop, Jillian and Samantha will be unlocking the wisdom in Samantha's powerful journey:

  • Hearing the call of your intuition

  • Listening to the wisdom of your resentment

  • Surviving a reality break in your marriage or family

  • Following your heart's call with courage, even when the going gets tough

  • Letting everything go that's not a match

  • Rebuilding your family in a way that honors everyone (including YOU)

Jillian Aurora is an expert in Self Reclamation and codependency. She is the owner of Goddess LLC and lives her life passion, leading women who struggle with people pleasing, accommodating, compromise, and self betrayal to personal freedom and reclamation of their inner Goddess. 

Samantha Gillis is a Mommapreneur, author of multiple books, and Enlightenment Mentor to 1000’s of people.  She is a woman who simply has a knack for inspiring lives. Samantha is an award winning actor turned internet entrepreneur, who has made hard decisions - sacrificing her mommahood to make dreams come true. Samantha has been featured on many broadcasts such as The Authority Builder, Growth Cast Live, Metaphysical School, and many others.  


Purchase this powerful workshop for ONLY $22

Choose You, MOM

Choose You, MOM

Choose You, MOM
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Choose You, MOM

Choose You, MOM

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