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Creating a healthy relationship doesn't have to be a mystery.

You've learned a ton from past toxic relationships that caused a lot of pain

You tried to conform to the gender roles you were taught to revere

You've chosen partners who were "chivalrous", generous, and strong

You tried to be pleasant, agreeable, and cooperative

You were committed to sticking it out no matter what

You were sure your love, together, was strong enough

You've committed it's going to be different this time

But, it all fell apart.

You've committed it's going to be different this time.



Many try:

  • Staying single for an extended time

  • Looking for a partner in a church, singles group, or spiritual group

  • Meditating or praying for a good partner

  • Taking a long time to date someone

  • "Manifesting" a desired partner

  • Getting fit and mentally healthy

  • Staying celibate until marriage

  • Getting empowered with knowledge and success


None of these things will guarantee a safe and healthy partnership

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In this workshop you will learn to

  • Identify unconscious harmful gender role indoctrination

  • Clarify personal values and standards

  • Understand the role of entitlement in relationships

  • Work out the meaning of practical equality

  • Clarify the difference between transaction and mutual love

  • Address beliefs about unconditional love

  • Become familiar with basic communication skills

  • Understand healthy and secure attachment

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and develop the skills to identify safe relationships and cultivate them into flourishing and secure connections

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