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Join us for a luxurious deep dive wellness

retreat for six days in Puerto Vallarta! 

This retreat will include: 

  • Six nights at a private luxury beachfront villa

  • Healthy and delectable food, prepared by a private chef

  • Three days of deep dive workshop content, addressing mindset and habits

  • Rejuvenation for your body through yoga and exercise

  • Discussion groups/fire pit conversations

  • One adventure day

  • Admission to "The Power of an Unstoppable Woman" a women's empowerment conference

"This retreat is specifically designed for women who are ready to CREATE and MASTER high levels of wellness and inspiration in their life. In this retreat, you will be immersed in a wellness lifestyle, addressing mindset and daily habits."


Schedule of Events

Day 1- Arrive at retreat 

Introduction and mingle


Day 2- Deep Dive workshop

- Self Acceptance

and Mental Mindset

Day 3- Deep Dive workshop

- Living Unapologetically

and Taking Back Your Power

Day 4- Deep Dive workshop

- Living Wholeheartedly

and Taking Action


Day 6- Conference - The Unstoppable Woman


January 20-25

Registration opens November 18th! 

Apply now! 

What We'll Cover: 

Jillian Landis and Carlie Young have masterfully crafted a blend of their unique talents and skills to produce a POWERFUL full immersion workshop retreat for you! Carlie is widely known for her expertise in physical wellness and integrating a spiritual and sober lifestyle. Carlie is a fitness trainer and has coached many wellness clients and top-notch bodybuilding competitors. Jillian has a background in social work and is a master of coaching in the topics of relationships and self-worth. Jillian is known for her work with those struggling with patterns of codependency and self-betrayal. 

Jillian will empower you to break down whatever is in the way of living the life you want and then give you the tools needed to live in your purpose, unapologetically. 


Jillian will cover: 

- Self Acceptance

- Living Unapologetically

- Building Trust and Living Wholeheartedly

Carlie will immerse you in the powerful habits needed to create a wellness lifestyle on fire! 

Carlie will cover: 

- Mental Mindset

- Taking Your Power Back

- Applying Action


Dare to be Fire: 

Ignite the fire of wellness in your everyday mindset and habits


Live life ON FIRE!

Apply for this once in a life-time retreat HERE



Join us for video updates, valuable tips, announcements, and discussion in the Dare to be Fire Facebook group! 

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