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If you deeply care about the deconstruction of harmful ideologies and feel inspired to help, you can support Jillian's work in a few ways.


Financial Support

Your contributions allow Jillian to:

  • Facilitate, manage, and direct the ongoing work of The Unapologetic Empire support group

  • Offer free resources through the Unapologetic Facebook group

  • Create low cost courses and workshops

  • Write books about the deconstruction of destructive and oppressive ideologies

  • Host annual retreats

  • Conduct ongoing postgraduate research into the connection between the intersection of religious extremism and gender hierarchy in the middle ages and our current gender norms

  • Write, edit, publish, and promote books on deconstruction and reclamation. 

Jillian is dedicated both to exposing ideologies that are destructive to women and to inspiring women to reclaim their own sovereignty and authority. Your contributions give Jillian the ability to offer many free or low cost services, as well as scholarships to women benefiting from assistance. 

As a Patron supporter, you will receive exclusive updates about Jillian's life and work, through the Patreon app. You will be the first to hear important announcements, life updates, and growth information about The Unapologetic Empire.

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If you would like to make a one time donation instead, please click the "donate" button below.

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Allies and Service

The Unapologetic Empire serves women who are working to unlearn destructive ideologies, regarding self and relationships, that groomed them to ultimately become vulnerable to predatory and manipulative relationships. 

In order for The Unapologetic Empire to succeed in serving women, we MUST get the word out that we exist. Without visibility, growth, and momentum, the careful and exhaustive time spent building the structure, content, and gathering powerful facilitators will be for naught. Without teamwork and collaboration, building this community cannot happen. This is not the work of one person. This is not the vision of one person. This is US. Women. Survivors. Goddesses. We need YOU. 


If you are particularly interested in Jillian's graduate research at The University of Edinburgh, there are a couple of ways to support and stay informed. 

Jillian keeps her Patreon members informed of each personal and academic update and you can follow her journey there, if you want to hear every intimate detail. 

If you are interested in sponsoring Jillian's research, Jillian is offering sponsor recognition placements on her website, emails, social media, and personal merch, for those who make research pledges over $1000. 

More about Jillian's research: 

It is Jillian's mission to draw a clear connection between the gender hierarchy and religious extremism that oppressed and tortured women in the medieval era and continues to plague women today, though in many different manifestations. The University of Edinburgh is world renowned for its brilliant history faculty and humanities programmes. Jillian is inspired by the superior research birthed through the school of history, making it ranked #6 in the world. The work of Dr. Ciaran Jones and others like him being done to better understand the connection between Protestantism and witch persecution is fascinating and motivating. Jillian has joined the ranks of scholars at the University of Edinburgh, in the MSc and PhD programmes, as she deconstructs gender suffering at its root, buried in the forgotten histories that beg to be venerated, that we might all do something more than simply retell its woes through our own unconscious actions.

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Do you want to be represented as a proud research sponsor on Jillian's shirt?

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