The Power of Thought

The last few months I have really zoned in on a newly discovered truth. It’s not really that I was unaware of it before, but I never really considered it’s importance. Positivity. Optimism. Faith. It doesn’t take a genius to know these qualities are good and of course I always viewed them as wonderful things. I took their power for granted, however.

What energy do you feel when you discuss poverty? Racism? Cruelty? Hate? They are very real things that our world experiences, sure. But how do you feel when you simply think about them? I get chills. I get enraged. I get overwhelmed. I feel powerless. My life, my energy, and my sense of wellbeing are shaken to the core when my mind is consumed with tragedy and negativity. And I don’t think I am the only one…

So what about delightful things? How do Love, Peace, Trust, Hope and Fairness make you feel? What kind of energy surrounds you when your mind is filled with these things? I am instantly flooded with relaxation and tension leaves my body. I feel light. I feel the urge of possibility. I feel poised to take action. There is power in thoughts of life and love. And we get to choose what to focus on. We choose what to let in, and what to keep out.

The energy of our thoughts hold potential. If we can collectively, intentionally choose to think of optimism and hope, think of the energy our world would be filled with! When the focus turns from poverty to hope, from hate to peace, maybe in that it will be fulfilled. We will receive more of what we focus on – what we pour our energy into. Place your thoughts and energy on problems and what will you get? More problems. Pour your life into healing and love, and you will find more of that will seem to find you. I want to bring more love to this world. There are beautiful beings here. There is a brilliant and beaming world waiting for a stage. Let’s kick the woe and sorrow off the stage and let beauty have the spotlight!

What will you choose to think on? What energy do you wish to bring to this world? Where is your focus usually? Let me know your thoughts in the conversation here or in a message to

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