Let's Do a Money Fast!

Who's ready for a challenge?? Tomorrow, October 1st, I will be embarking on a money fast for the entire month. It may be difficult, at times, but I also think it will be fun and fulfilling! I will be posting about my challenges and successes on my business Face Book page, each day, and I would encourage you to follow along and maybe even join in!

Why do a money fast?

  • I am looking forward to stepping back from the materialism all around me that has become so normal.

  • My intention is to become extra grateful for what I currently have that is so abundant.

  • I want to reset my savings intentions and refocus on my financial goals.

  • Who doesn’t like having extra money at the end of the month??

October is the month I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of paying off $30,000 of debt. It is hard to believe a year has passed! It has been nice to live a little this year, after sacrificing so much during the 3 years before. But it is time to jump back in! And, I am looking forward to it. :-)

I am blessed to be teaching a financial workshop, on October 18, and it should be a perfect time to renew my commitment and push through! We are going to be setting our financial intentions and identifying personal life missions. I will also challenge the participants to join in this fast!

The guidelines and my commitment:

I will continue to pay my bills, essential business expenses, and grocery necessities. I have an anniversary and a birthday this month, so I will allow myself to purchase a gift for those special dates. I will be in Mexico, celebrating my anniversary, for a week this month. My commitment will continue, aside from food and essentials. I am going to have a great time, but I really have no need to purchase any trinkets. Mostly everything has been prepaid and budgeted, and I will have no need to spend in addition. I am just going to enjoy the experience and the time with my husband!

The difficult part:

I am going to have a hard time giving up small purchases at Amazon, used books, almond milk lattes and mochas, new outfits, thrift-store treasures, fall decorations and kitchen gadgets. I will note all of my temptations each day and how I muddled through them. I will be writing down all of the items I had the urge to purchase and will review them at the end of the month. Ugh. It may not be fun, but I do think it will be oh so rewarding!

I’d love your support and perhaps even your camaraderie as we do this challenge together! Let me know if you’d like to come along for the ride!!

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