Creating Sacred Space

Do you ever feel smothered and overwhelmed? Do you sometimes feel crushed by your responsibilities and all of the things you have agreed to do? Life can, at times, feel puzzling because too many “good things” doesn’t always feel so good, when it seems like they should.

Although our ambition to live full and productive lives is admirable, there is an imbalance to watch out for. We often forget about the space we need, as individuals, to simply be. The soul needs a wide arena – to reflect, to create, to be inspired. Just as studies are now confirming that children actually need some level of boredom, I propose that we, as adults, must allow ourselves some space to for our own rest and reflection.

Once we understand our need for our own space, this awareness often creates a frustration with our current circumstances. We become painfully aware of our lack of space and become annoyed with our seeming powerlessness over our own schedule. At times, I have been guilty of setting my intentions to give myself a certain amount of time each day, only to be flung around by the demands life, leaving myself with nothing. I would come up empty handed; getting what was left of me, instead of the best of me.

The key to creating sacred space is taking ownership of our schedules. Instead of allowing the responsibilities of the day to rule us, we must set ourselves at the top of the priority list and set the intention that “I get a piece of me before anybody else gets a piece of me”. An affirmation I often use is I am worthy of my own time energy and attention. Really truly implementing this intention, however, can be a bit tricky. It requires a frequent use of the word “no”. If we do not govern our space well, we will find that we are bombarded and crowded, allowing no time for reflection and personal growth.

How do I successfully create a sacred space around me?

  1. Take an honest look at your schedule.

Do you see anything that you are doing out of obligation or guilt? Scratch it off! Sometimes, we have to realize that by saying “yes” to commitments means we are saying “no” to something else. Oftentimes, that something else is our own personal space. Allow yourself to say “yes” to you this time.

  1. Declutter.

Not everything invading our space is on our calendar. Sometimes, the things overwhelming our lives are material. Is your space at home filled with clutter? Is your desk a mess? Are you hanging on to things that do not bring you joy? These are all examples of things that create noise in the peace that you are seeking.

  1. Say “no” to more things than is comfortable.

Many times, we are not realistic about the time that we really need to nourish the best parts of ourselves. We readily give away our time and fail to get a quality piece of ourselves first. We often forget that in order to bring in the opportunities we dream about, we must first create the space for them. Practice giving yourself more than enough elbowroom and see what you naturally start attracting to yourself.

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