The Cost of Self-Care

It sounds easy enough to practice self-care - to be true to yourself. What's the big deal, right?

That might be true if self-care only meant brushing your teeth and taking a shower. But what about the hard stuff?

What about when your boss asks you to do something unethical?

What about when you're tempted to compromise your dream because your spouse doesn't like it?

What about when a loved one is mistreating you and self-care would mean leaving?

What about when self-care demands you pay your own utility bill instead of your loved one's rent?

What abo

ut when self-care requires the courage to stop hanging out friends who encourage you to mistreat your body?

What about when self-care screams at you to stop playing small, even though everyone around you will do anything to keep you that way?

You see self-care demands the ultimate cost. It demands EVERYTHING. And it is by far the most courageous thing we will ever do.

It takes mad amounts of courage to be true to you – to do what you know in your heart is RIGHT for you. It's integrity. It's choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, and easy.

Don't take your self-care lightly. The term gets thrown around like it is some airy idea. It's not. It's about getting messed up and knocked around in the arena. Own it and take it seriously. It's tough, but it will save your life. It will empower you. It will give you freedom, and love, and pure contentment. And it will give the world the greatest gift - YOU.

Jillian Landis is a self-care and worthiness coach. She loves helping others recover from co-dependency and shame. Jillian is driven to watch those struggling with compassion fatigue fall in love with themselves. With over 10 years of social work experience, she is able to empathize with all walks of life.


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