You are not a Victim of what you Allow

One of the biggest lies we ever buy into is the belief we are trapped and "don’t have a choice." When those words cross your lips, realize you are choosing to buy into an illusion. Life will only get more painful until we are willing to push past those beliefs. The truth is there are ALWAYS choices - just not easy choices, just not comfortable choices, just not safe choices. "We don't have problems - only solutions we don't like."

  • We might hate our job and lack of time available for our dreams but if we are unwilling to make some risky and difficult decisions, we are CHOOSING to stay safe and stuck.

  • We might feel sorry for ourselves for being mistreated in a toxic relationship but if we are unwilling to take a stand for ourselves or leave, we are CHOOSING to be mistreated and oppressed.

  • We might be at a dead-end in our career, friendship, or marriage, and if we are unwilling to let it go or try something new, we are CHOOSING to stay in a situation that does not light us up.

It is only when we take responsibility for our own side of the street that we are empowered to create something different and new. If we simply resign ourselves to the mercy of someone or some situation, we have given away our power and our divine right to freedom. Choosing freedom always requires courage and loads of discomfort. Own it and move forward! Being "trapped" is an illusion.

Jillian Landis is a self-care and worthiness coach. She loves helping others recover from co-dependency and shame. Jillian is driven to watch those struggling with compassion fatigue fall in love with themselves. With over 10 years of social work experience, she is able to empathize with all walks of life.


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