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Let's talk boundaries....

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

One of the most profound concepts I have ever learned is how to create and hold my own boundaries. Boundaries are foundational for self-worth, health, and love. I used to think I was at the mercy of others to hold my boundaries. I thought if other people didn’t respect my boundaries, boundaries were useless. I just didn’t understand boundaries. Today, I am acutely aware of my boundaries - what I want. What I don’t want. What I am available for. What I am unavailable for. What is and isn’t ok with me. None of these things need to be spoken. They just ARE. BECAUSE I RESPECT THEM. Without compromise. I respect my space through what I am UNAVAILABLE for. I am unavailable for obligation and guilt. I am unavailable for manipulation and fear. I am unavailable for toleration. I am unavailable for pity and disempowerment. I am unavailable for dishonoring relationships. I am unavailable for friendships I don’t feel 100% inspired to create/keep. I am unavailable for experiences my heart doesn’t scream “HELL YES” to do. I am unavailable for jobs that pay me less than I am worth. I am unavailable for unequal energy exchanges. I am unavailable for people or jobs or experiences that don’t light me up and support my purpose on this planet. Once my space is honored and protected by the boundaries I hold, I am able to fully stand in my power to CREATE the life I am meant to live. I get to own the responsibility to get CLEAR about what I WANT (inspiration). I HONOR my life purpose through being clear about what I AM available for.

I am available for open and honest communication. I am available for trusting and honoring relationships. I am available for total acceptance of me and my gifts. I am available for encouragement and empowerment. I am available for resilient and strong relationships. I am available for abundant energy exchanges. I am available for people, jobs, and experiences that LIGHT ME UP and support my life purpose. I am available for being paid abundantly for my skills. I am available for friendships I feel INSPIRED to create/keep. I am available for EVERYTHING my heart screams THESE are boundaries. These are values and standards no one can hold or keep for me. I get to let go of anything and everything that does not honor these Scary? HELL YEAH. You can spend your life waiting and wishing other people would honor you enough to respect your boundaries. But here is the deal - no one will ever honor your boundaries any more than you are willing to respect them. Talk is cheap. When others hear us set boundaries and standards our feet do not follow, they do not believe us. And why should they? We don’t even trust ourselves to honor our own boundaries. Do you have some boundaries leaks you are becoming aware of? Do you struggle with honoring your own boundaries or trusting yourself to set them? Boundaries are my jam. ❤

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