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Step into your power. Unapologetically.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

There is not a feeling in the world like what happens when we are fully and completely aligned with our values. In those moments, we are powerful, potent, and radiant. We own and respect the divine, flowing through our veins.

I used to think I was speaking my truth when I would point out something I thought someone else was doing wrong, or how I knew better about someone else's situation. I now realize there is not much courage in sharing those things and they certainly have nothing to do with me or my truth. That is simply blame and distraction.

My truth is stating what I am going to do.

My truth is sharing a choice I have made.

My truth is taking action and leaving a toxic situation.

My truth is revealing my vulnerability.

My truth is being honest about my feelings.

My truth is having the courage to disappoint.

My truth is uncompromisingly following what is right for me.

Speaking my truth takes courage and vulnerability and sometimes loneliness. Speaking my truth is owning my own responsibility.

Speaking truth requires taking all kinds of risks:

I might be rejected.

I might have to stand alone.

I might be judged.

I might make visible mistakes.

No matter what the cost, I will be true to myself. I will be honest. I will be authentic. I will let go of anything and everything that does not align with a space of honor.


And in doing so, I will become a brilliant and powerful light.

Remove the blocks and stand in your truth. Speak it boldly. Step into your power. You get to step into higher levels of honor right now.

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