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Radical Self Acceptance

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Our identities are funny things. The way we perceive ourselves - so changeable, but often so limiting.

What is your identity?

Smart? Hard working? Loyal? Beautiful? Plain? Soft? Hard? Tough? Fragile? Religious? Free spirited? Fun loving? Serious? Conservative? Progressive?

We take on so many identities like clothing and then let them define us.

Now, I want to talk about the shadow identities.

These are the qualities about yourself you wish weren’t there. The things you are embarrassed and ashamed of. The things you suppress down.

What are those things?

Laziness? Sexuality? Softness? Emotions? The way you love too hard? The way you trust too much? The irresponsible decisions you’ve made about money? The people you have chosen to love? Your food choices? The size of your body? The acne on your face? Your work failures? Your addictions? Your dishonesty? Your anger? The lack of money in your bank account? The disrespect you are tolerating from your spouse?

➡️ All the things you fear will make you unloveable if someone were to find out. ➡️ All the things you wish you could stop doing and being. ➡️ All the things you think SHOULDN’T be. All the things you wish you could stop WANTING. That’s your shadow. Love those parts of you.

We are all aspects. We are light and shadow.

You are 100% loveable. All of you. Be Unapologetic in ALL of who you are. Because, guess what? When you stop suppressing the shadow side of you and making it bad and wrong, you stop letting it control you. Shame has no power when it is brought into the light.

The shadow side has been suppressed because of the rules you have created in your head - because of the identity you’re telling yourself you have to be.

Time to break all the fucking rules my friend. There is nothing to apologize for. You were PERFECTLY made. You are PERFECT as you are. I see you and I love you. We see you and we love you. ❤

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