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2020 Has Asked All The Hard Questions

Updated: Nov 9, 2020


A year of reckoning. A year of unavoidable conflict. A year of rising.

Many people couldn’t stand 2020 from the very beginning. The world has turned upside down, respectively. It is by far, the most UNCOMFORTABLE year I have ever lived. Because 2020 won’t let us skate by, avoiding difficult conversations, like we have been accustomed to. 2020 is asking some DAMN hard questions, we aren’t allowed NOT to answer. Many of us thought the pandemic and shut down would require our GOVERNMENTS to look hard at unsustainable corruptions, yet we OURSELVES have been required to look deep inside at our OWN comfortable beliefs. We have been asked to explore areas we sit on the fence.

2020 has asked all the hard questions and we aren’t even halfway done yet.

How will we respond to the uncomfortable truth that humans carry death with them, everywhere they go?

How will we grapple with the mortality of those we love?

How will we hold the information we are, in fact, at the mercy of MICROBES we cannot see and are not actually in control at all?

How will we accept the fact we cannot sanitize the universe?

How will we respond to solitude? Silence? Unanswered questions?

How will we handle financial unknowing? The dissolving of our illusions of stability?

How will we adapt to massive collective and systemic change?

How will we respond to conflicting loyalties?

What will no longer be tolerated?

Will we allow inequality to continue? Will we minimize it? Dismiss it?

Will we allow ourselves to go INTO others’ pain or avoid it again?

Will we justify our fears? Our lack of understanding? Our lack of action?

Will we acknowledge the elephant in the room, or ignore that anything has changed?

How will we process the rage and grief surfacing?

There has never been a time in history where loyalties were so apparent. So unhideable. Your actions are speaking. Your silence is speaking. Every single one of your choices is telling a story.

Are you wearing a mask? Are you avoiding the world? Are you meeting up with friends? Are you traveling? Shopping? Hoarding? Protesting? Speaking? Writing? Silent? Voting? Not voting? Drinking? Retreating? Eating? Working? Numbing? Overfunctioning?

It all tells a story. Behavior never lies.

Our behaviors tell us who we are loyal to and where our allegiances lie. Who or what is calling the shots in your life?



Political parties?


Family members?

Friends' opinions?






2020 is asking us - who have you given the steering wheel to?

It’s uncomfortable. And necessary. So, what story does your behavior tell? Who and what are you loyal to?

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