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Hell YESES Are the Only Way for Me

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

If I have to convince you to join my program, you’re not a fit for the program.

If I have to explain to you why you should spend money on my course, you’re not a fit for the course.

If I have to justify why my prices are what they are, you’re not a fit for my services.

Because that’s not how I do business.

I believe this radical idea that the only clients I am available for are so drawn to my work, there is no need for coercion or persuasion.

I have simply answered the calling I was destined to fulfill and those that are in need simply show up hungry.

I surrender to my role as catalyst and those I am meant to serve have no reservations about our Divine collaboration.

There is no need for manipulation, persuasion, coercion, or chasing, because I’m just not into manufactured relationships.

I’m into HELL YES relationships.


I’m into 100% ALL IN work.



I wouldn’t date someone I had to convince to be in a relationship with me and convincing just won’t work for my clients either.

If it’s a maybe, it’s a NO. And there’s no shame in that.

If I’m a NO for you, I will only celebrate your willingness to honor yourself and your truth.

And if I’m a YES, then I will cherish the fact I am a TRUE and AUTHENTIC YES, birthed purely from inspiration and confidence.

I want nothing more than for you to feel free and safe to speak ONLY honest YES’s and NO’s- here and everywhere else. And let it begin with me.

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