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The Truth About Boundaries

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

“I try to set boundaries but other people don’t respect them.”

“When I try to enforce boundaries, he threatens to leave.”

“If I actually want to get that boundary respected, I will have to leave the relationship.”

“When I set boundaries, people don’t like me.”


You are coming to face the truth of boundaries. When you choose to honor your boundaries (your rights and values) you will find it necessary to LET GO of people. Relationships will change. People will leave. People will think you are selfish.

Boundaries are about requirements and standards.

“If you want to be in a relationship with me, ________ is required to be in that space, because I love and honor myself. I will let anyone and anything go that does not respect that standard.”

“But aren’t you supposed to love people unconditionally??”


Loving someone does not entitle them to my space. Loving someone certainly does not mean tolerating dishonorable behavior.

HONOR is the highest form of LOVE. What honors me, honors you.

It is not honoring for someone to allow me to walk all over them and it is not honoring for me to allow someone else to take advantage of me.

When we practice honor, when we practice love, when we practice holding boundaries, our inner circle will become small. We will let go of people and we will love them from the distance that is honoring to ourselves and them.

And then. MAGIC.

You will have created the space for all of the juicy, deep, respectful, honoring, intimate relationships you have always dreamed of.

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