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Stop Tolerating Less Than You're Worth

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

As my course Unapologetic unfolds, three brave women are facing their shadows with honesty, resiliency, and reclaiming their power. They are seeing the magic in their past choices, they once perceived as “mistakes”. They are beginning to see their intuition was always worth trusting.

Two of those women have taken courageous steps to leave dishonoring relationships.

They have become unwilling to tolerate their partner

🥵Taking advantage of their time, effort, and resources

🥵Assuming they are entitled to consume





As they have raised their standards and made their requirements known, their partners’ behaviors have informed them they were not available for a relationship on this level.

Instead of lowering their standards to accommodate these men, these UNAPOLOGETIC women have practiced self worth in action.

And, this transition and commitment does not come without cost. Loyalty to oneself is one of the bravest things any of us will ever do.

These Warrior Goddesses have faced EVERY kind of effort to make them crumble and cave.


☠️Threats of suicide.

☠️Manipulation of property and money.

☠️Manipulation of children and pets.



And this is what I have watched, over and over. This is the phase of separating the abuser from its host. When you deny someone who’s been feeding on you for years, they are going to PANIC. Believe it or not, it’s REALLY hard to find someone willing to tolerate so much unacceptable behavior, and, when the game is up, they don’t know what the fuck to do.

I just want to CELEBRATE the Warrior Goddesses out there, who have been brave enough to trust that ANYTHING was better than abandoning themselves any longer.

Girl there is magic in raising your standards. There is magic in honoring yourself. Choosing yourself is the most courageous and demanding thing you will ever do. But it is worth it.

How are you going to stop tolerating less than you are worth?

How are you going to raise your standards and require more to be in your space?

BOOM girl. Own your power. Own your right to yourself. Own the fact that it is an EARNED PRIVILEGE to be in your presence, not a right.

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