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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

“How do I stop feeling mad at my partner for lying to me?”

“How do I stop feeling resentful when my partner chooses a substance over me?”

“How do I stop feeling upset when my spouse continues to harm himself?”

“How do I stop feeling sad when my partner doesn’t work to improve our relationship?”

“How do I stop feeling disappointed when my partner doesn’t follow through with commitments?”

“I hate feeling these emotions and I just want to know how to make them stop.”

Love, these feelings are your GIFT.

They are meant to SERVE you.

They are meant to GUIDE you.

Your resentment, anger, frustration, sadness, and disappointment are all lights on your dashboard, indicating to you where you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, mistreated, and disrespected. The goal is not to hide the lights better. The goal is to address the issue so the lights turn off.

Your resentment is telling you where you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

Your anger is telling you where you are allowing your values to be violated.

Your frustration is telling you where you have been compromising your standards.

Your disappointment is telling you where you are settling.

All of these emotions tell you where you have the opportunity to CHANGE and GROW.

Love, stop desperately trying to suppress the messages meant to serve you. Stop trying to pray them away, write them away, judge them away, and talk them away. EMBRACE them. LISTEN to them. LEARN from them.

You have the wisdom of a GODDESS built into you.

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