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Tears are Nothing to Apologize for

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We have been taught emotion is something to be problem solved. Something to be gotten rid of. Something to “treat”. Something to keep PRIVATE.

I do the opposite.

I literally walk people INTO the terrifying emotions. FACE the scary feelings. LISTEN to the wisdom big emotions attempt to tell.

It’s my gift. The beauty of disruption. The breaking of reality, ideologies, patterns, assumptions. The embrace of raw and unfiltered TRUTH, no matter what paradigm it tears down.

And I am not exempt from this process. I am, in fact, where I am BECAUSE I did the work myself. I not only FACED the unpleasant truths - I CHASED THEM DOWN until I understood them.

And, inevitably, there is GRIEF in the truth. There is EMOTION in the truth. There is PAIN in the truth.

And it is NOTHING to apologize for.

Because it took BRAVERY to go there.

This has been my face MANY times as I have worked to polish and repackage my WARRIOR GODDESS course. Because the content is not for the lighthearted. It takes you places you don’t want to see.

And I will celebrate these tears and this journey. Because they are BRAVE.

And you are too.

Emote Unapologetically Goddess. It’s proof of your badass work. <3

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