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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

What’s your freedom going to cost you?

It may cost you your fancy house.

It may cost you your elaborate vacations.

It may cost you your RV and recreational toys.

It may cost you your housekeeper.

It may cost you your restaurant budget.

It may cost you your kids’ dance league and sports clubs.

It may cost you your household spending money.

It may cost you your daily Starbucks drink.

It may cost you the lifestyle you have gotten comfortable with.

These costs buy you your freedom from verbal cruelty, abuse of power, domination, unpredictability, obligation to give endlessly of yourself, entitlement of your time, attention, resources, and body, and constant emotional and physical insecurity.

You cannot both be DEPENDENT and FREE.

Too often, I hear women say they are trapped. They are unwilling to leave because they will lose too much. They will lose their lifestyle and reputation and security.

And today I am calling you out.

What is the price for your freedom?

What is a fair bargain for his demeaning comments?

What is a good trade for dutiful sex and access to your body?

What is a loss of any meaningful decision making worth?

What is worth it to offer your own self-betrayal and obedience to another?

What lifestyle is worthy of your soul?

What would it take to stop tolerating? To stop settling? To stop trading your freedom for security and luxury and a good face?

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