Your DESIRES will set you FREE

Updated: Dec 31

Over and over, I come across women who tell me my services are too expensive. They tell me, “maybe later.” “It’s just not the right time.” And I genuinely completely understand, because this was me for most of my life. Not only was I ruled by my fear of not having enough, I also deeply struggled with investing in myself. Everything else seemed like a bigger priority. This ultimately boiled down to a self-worth issue for me. I was so used to constantly waiting. The illusion I lived in was the belief I would someday be able to care for myself and do the things I wanted to do. SOMEDAY. The more years passed, I realized someday was never coming. More than waiting for everything to align, it was about VALUING MYSELF NOW and TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS OF INVESTING IN ME. The only reason I can call this out in anyone around me is because I have faced this in myself. I don’t ask people to fight battles I myself am not willing to fight. I don’t ask people to step into the arena if I am only willing to play safe. In November of 2018, something in me shifted. I instantly decided I was never going to betray myself again, to the very best of my power, no matter what I had to walk away from or what risks I had to take. In th