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Honor Your Sensitivity

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I’ve been told I need therapy because I am sensitive.

Because I feel my work with such intensity.

Because I often feel overwhelmed with anxiety after I publish a post.

Because I sometimes cry reading the comments.

Because I still intensely feel rejection.

Because setting boundaries is still a trembling experience for me.

Because rising up to honor myself is still a very conscious decision.

But my sensitivity is not something to be fixed. It is my SUPERPOWER.

My sensitivity allows me to coach with truth AND softness.

My sensitivity guides me to be incredibly intuitive and insightful.

My sensitivity shows me my own shadows and patterns.

My sensitivity gifts me with empathy and understanding.

My sensitivity requires I practice the utmost respect of my time and space.

My sensitivity requires I constantly walk the road I ask others to walk.

My sensitivity allows me the ability to relate to the many other sensitive women I work with.

Today, I am UNAVAILABLE to the sneering accusation I am “too sensitive”. I am unavailable for the dismissive eyerolls and disgusted shrugs. I don’t share space with those who don’t appreciate my sensitivity. I choose to hang with people who FEED off my sensitivity and VALUE it.

If you have been told you’re “too sensitive” and you FEEL things intensely, there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Those of us who are highly sensitive get to also have a much greater standard of boundaries. We have a deep need for our own protection and self respect. We get to protect our space at a high level. When we share space with those who belittle, mock, and discourage us, it damages us and creates an expensive energy drain. So, we get to acknowledge that truth and take responsibility for our own sensitivity. Honoring our sensitivity means only being available for those that honor it as well.

When you honor yourself Love, you honor everyone.

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1 Comment

My most recent abusive relationship was with my employer of 5+ years. I had quit and went back once already when the door was removed from the unisex bathroom close to my work station. Here I was in a production job--surrounded by men--and the plant production supervisor tells me that I'm too sensitive because I'm the only person who seems to care about the bathroom door.

Nevermind that I was the only woman left in a production job by that time...they had decided they needed to remove the door to discourage the two or three men who would go in there to smoke or take a nap. And they made it clear that weren't about to change their methods to…

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