It's Time To Take a Stand Against OPPRESSION

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I’ve shared many times before about the grief and betrayal I feel about women’s oppression. It is still shocking to me that, for MILLENNIA, men have had the appalling belief they could OWN women. That, spanning many religions and cultures, men have claimed women are NOT HUMAN BEINGS and that they did NOT POSSESS A SOUL. That women had to ASK PERMISSION for the most BASIC things like opening a bank account. That hitting your wife was a completely LEGAL thing to do 100 years ago. That IN MY LIFETIME, raping your wife was perfectly acceptable. Women have been betrayed and consumed by their men, who were supposedly the “protectors”. Now, I am observing a much different, much more uncomfortable role of my own. This time, I AM IN THE OPPRESSIVE MAJORITY, with a long history of abuse. It is likely my ancestors before me were not kind to people of color. It is likely they were cruel and entitled. Why would I say that? Because probability says so. It was the norm and they weren’t exempt. Much of the unthinkable oppression that happened to women, happened tenfold to people of color. And, they are still dealing with inequalities and oppression as we witnessed in the despicable George Floyd murder. So, here is the reflection I cannot shake. There are very specific ways I desire men to show up in healing the collective sexist trauma we have all experienced. There are actions that show me true caring, support, and desire for my own equality. These are the same ways I get to show up for my fellow people of color.