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It's not about fixing your "picker"

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

You want to break the pattern of toxic relationships? You’re going to have to break your pattern of self-betrayal. No, it’s not about fixing “your picker”. It’s much harder than that. It’s about showing up, every day, in every relationship, with the willingness to choose honoring yourself NO MATTER WHAT YOU MIGHT LOSE. It’s not about picking the “right” person. It’s about being entirely UNAVAILABLE to give up your entitlement to yourself. Your time. Your energy. Your attention. Your body. Your resources. It’s about UNAPOLOGETICALLY giving yourself a life you love. UNAPOLOGETICALLY spending your time on YOURSELF. UNAPOLOGETICALLY giving yourself ATTENTION. UNAPOLOGETICALLY spending your energy on YOURSELF. UNAPOLOGETICALLY pampering your BODY. UNAPOLOGETICALLY investing your money on YOURSELF. This is often the luxury we allow ourselves when we are single, but why does it end during a relationship? Perhaps, this is the root of your toxic relationship pattern you have been so baffled by. Maintain the right to YOURSELF, GODDESS, and watch how the game changes. Prepare for magic you irresistibly divine badass. #iamunapologetic

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