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I Am My Own

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

March 1st, my name legally changed, for the fourth and final time.

It changes to something with meaning. It is something I hand picked, with intention and thought.

It is no longer a symbol of ownership and belonging. Instead of loyalty to a family name or man, my name now symbolizes loyalty to myself and to my purpose on this planet.


Youthful Princess, Goddess of the Dawn

As outrageous as anyone may think it is, I don’t care. I have finally, FINALLY, become comfortable owning my Divinity and I no longer have time for petty “who do you think you are” imposter voices. I am unapologetic of my voice, my power, and my purpose. And now, my name matches, officially. <3

In my lifetime, I have had four last names attached to me.

My birth name: Krummes.

My adopted name: Page.

My married name: Landis.

My OWN name: Aurora.

Each name has held its own generational strings and attachments and identity. Each name brought with it its own pain. Each name symbolized in some way who I belonged to.

And today, those cords are now severed.

I am my own.

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