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I birth endings.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Over the last year, I have had the clarity my life’s calling is helping people through the WINTER seasons of life. I help people birth ENDINGS. I walk people through letting go of things that have already let go of them. I help people see where they are carrying around heavy burdens of dead and dying things, holding them back from truly operating at their full potential.

When people detect fall unfolding, they often resist it. It is signally a painful death approaching.

Although winter is not pleasant, it is an INCREDIBLY necessary part of the cycle of life. Without winter, we cannot experience the glory of the warm sunshine and blossoms of spring. Yet, many of us prolong our fall and winter seasons, refusing to let go of past summers we wish would last forever. We torture ourselves, judge ourselves, and shame ourselves for daring to acknowledge and surrender to endings. We often end up bloodied and broken down from the battles we endure as we attempt to make things fit the way they once did and force seasons to last far beyond their expiration date.

But there is a beauty in fall and winter. It makes space for spring. It creates the fertilizer and fuel necessary for a brilliant and bright summer. Without the total and complete death and destruction of winter, next year’s harvest is not possible.

Sometimes, fall and winter can feel endless. It can feel like spring will NEVER come again. Winter is the chrysalis of life. It is the transition into chaos, ugliness, and seemingly hopeless goo. Who would have EVER thought that after the chrysalis, comes WINGS and FLIGHT?

My job is to hold your hand through the winter, reminding you not only that everything will be OK, but that a GLORIOUS SPRING is coming. I am here to walk you through the grieving process as you let go, even when it feels like you might die. I am here to encourage you to surrender to the chrysalis, instead of fighting it. I am here to watch you dissolve into a messy pile of goo, reassuring you the whole way that your wings are coming.

The fact is seasons will always be a part of life. Winters and necessary endings will always be a prerequisite of experiencing spring, summer, and harvest.

I am Jillian Sarah Aurora, which means Youthful Princess, Goddess of the Dawn. I am here to introduce you to the brightness and most hope filled Dawn. But, we cannot get there without walking through the darkest night. Are you ready to surrender to that journey?

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