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You Can Do it However the Fuck You Want

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sometimes, coaches I have hired have cost far more than the money I have paid them.

Everyone will have an opinion about how you live your life’s purpose. And the bigger you live in that purpose, the more opinions people will have.

I’ve been told “you can’t do it that way” so many times.

You can’t write long posts.

You can’t cuss.

You can’t launch programs without live video.

You can’t sell to those women.

You can’t spend money that way.

You can’t hire that out.

You need to focus on sales, not impact.

You need to throw out anything that doesn’t convert.

You need to HUSTLE and work hard.

You need to do it like all the other successful coaches.

And, there have been times I have mistrusted my own intuition and done it “their” way.

I have doubted ME and MY way.


When I have been BRAVE ENOUGH to listen to my intuition.

When I have been BRAVE ENOUGH to be disobedient.

When I have been BRAVE ENOUGH to be willing to fail.

I have succeeded over and over and over again.



A Goddess doesn't ask for permission. She isn’t available for others’ attempts to create doubt in herself. She doesn’t try to replicate everyone else’s success and work.

She IS the work. Her way IS the way.

Goddess, YOUR WAY is the best way for you. Any “authority”, coach, mentor, family member, friend, etc, that tells you different can FUCK OFF. YOU get to run your life and make the decisions best for you. Period.

You have never made a mistake in your life. They have all been Divine decisions. You can trust yourself in the future, because you are attracting all the PERFECT and DIVINE lessons you need for your growth and mastery. ALWAYS.

Go kick some ass your way UNAPOLOGETICALLY, Goddess.

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Jillian, this is my new favorite!

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