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It Is True

Updated: May 21, 2021

It is true, I hope to make some big changes in this world.

It is true, I hope to see more empowerment for those suppressed.

It is true, I hope to see some archaic systems crumble.

It is true, I have some big thoughts that probably differ from yours.

It is true, I may find some of your beliefs triggering and offensive and even abusive.

It is true, I may not even be willing to share my space or time with you.

And yet, it is also true, I will never stop fighting for your right to speak, even your most detestable opinions.

Because I know the consequences of suppression. I know the violence that follows forced silence. I know the hatred birthed from coercion and force.

Manufactured compliance manipulated by fear and violence is a world I think we’ve experienced for long enough.

I am not interested in your suppression in any form. Because if I support your suppression, I also support my own. And I’ve had enough of that.

I cannot say I wish to be free, if in the same breath I am wishing for your shackles and your silence.

No. Instead, I hope for your freedom to say even the most hateful of things and let everyone judge for themselves. Let every abuser let their truest words be spoken so we all might see their true colors without reservation, just as I get to freely speak about their violent actions.

Let your own words and your own actions be your own condemnation or exaltation. Just as mine are. Let us all be accountable for our own honest and unfiltered thoughts. This is true freedom and the birthplace of honest conversations leading to productive solutions.

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