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Men Deserve Better

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

“Man hater!”

“You just believe men are the problem.”


“You’re making men feel emasculated.”

I’ve seen and felt so many responses to the collective movement stirring in women’s hearts and the power they are taking back.

Many men feel threatened. Confused. Conflicted. Attacked.

Some feel a desire to support but feel unsure of where to begin.

Change is hard. Letting go of old beliefs and old paradigms is hard. Doing it messy is hard. Admitting we were wrong is hard. It’s all vulnerable. It’s tender. It’s sometimes shameful. It’s sometimes embarrassing. It’s freeing. It’s powerful. It empowers to have MORE experiences. MORE impact. MORE connection. MORE aliveness.

And there is NO GOING BACK.

It’s impossible to shove us back in the bottle now. The Divine Feminine - the GODDESS - will not be contained and suppressed any longer.

But some of this growth process has been messy and dishonoring.

Being pro-Goddess does not mean being anti-man. Quite the contrary. As we invite in more equal recognition of humanity and dignity and HONOR, we get to shift the ways we have TORN DOWN the masculine. We get to take accountability and shift our own actions.

“Men are stupid.”

“Men think with their dicks.”

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

“All men want is sex.”

“Boys will be boys.”

“Men just can’t be expected to control themselves.”

“Why are you surprised? He is a man after all!”

“Men are pigs.”

“Men are gross.”

“Men need women to keep them in line.”

“Men are superficial and simple.”

“Men are incapable of taking care of themselves.”

Writing these lines makes my heart heavy and brings tears to my eyes. Men have been painted as brutes. They have been diminished to lustfulness and piggishness. They are often referred to as if they were uncontrollable animals, to be feared and controlled and babysat.

So why would they be anything else? It’s all we’ve expected of them. It’s what we’ve mocked and chided them for being. We have been cruel as women. We have been demeaning. We have been belittling.

And it’s time we BELIEVE more of our men. It’s time we REQUIRE more, because they are fully CAPABLE of more.

We have dishonored men because we expect so little and we tolerate so much. We have set the bar humiliatingly low, demeaning their own Divine Warrior and everything they are so capable of being.

So women - Goddesses - listen up. Talk about men like the warriors you KNOW they can be. DEMAND it. REQUIRE it. They are capable of being spectacular warriors and you deserve nothing less.

Curious about how to UNLEASH your own inner Goddess? Let’s talk.

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