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But... MONEY

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

“You’ll never travel without me.”

“You’ll never be able to get nice things without me.”

“You like this home? You’ll never live in a place like this without me.”

“You like your garden? You wouldn’t have that without me.”

“You will always struggle without me.”

“You will always be a slave without me.”

“You will never leave. You need me too much.”

Money was a BIG reason I thought I had to stay. I was fed up with the heartbreak, disconnection, unpredictability, the disrespect and downright cruelty.



It was the elephant in the room.

I had so deeply accepted the belief I could not care for myself adequately, I perceived myself as helpless.

What was so incredible about this belief was:

I had a bachelor’s degree.

I had a career.

I had two businesses.

I had $25,000 in savings.

I had no debt.

I owned a house.

Looking back, I truly think What. The. Fuck. ??

I know MANY women who had FAR less than this when they left. This is all about PERCEPTION. I was only as helpless as I BELIEVED I was. It has NOTHING to do with the amount of skills or resources you have. It has to do with your belief in your own RESOURCEFULNESS.

My freedom did have a cost. It required me to be willing to walk away from my “security”. It required my willingness to leave my home, my garden, animals, fancy vacations, and “backup plans”.

My freedom required me to fully take responsibility for my own needs, for better or for worse. It required me to take a risk. It required me to believe in myself and my own ability to RISE.

And RISE I did.

After talking to countless women who have made the same leap, I don’t think I have ever talked to a woman who regretted it. They dared to challenge the illusion they were trapped. They dared to challenge the illusion they were incapable. The dared to challenge the illusion they were helpless.

And you can too.

His money is only as powerful as you allow it to be. Your own RESOURCEFULNESS is the greatest asset you will ever have. Are you ready to stop underestimating it?

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