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My Resentment Is One of My Most Profound Gifts

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

My resentment is one of my most profound gifts.


I didn’t mistype that.

My resentment shows me where I am compromising my standards and disrespecting myself.

My resentment shows me where I still lack self-worth.

My resentment shows me where I fail to protect my presence, my time, my resources, my body.

My resentment shows me where I am not honoring my boundaries.

Yes, I have learned resentment, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, and apathy hold some POWERFUL magic.

They are an unavoidable light on the dashboard, demanding my attention and action.

I spent years trying to shove tape over those crucial lights…

I used to try to “talk it out”, “pray it away”, mediate, write, work, forgive, forget, distract, suppress… ANYTHING to make it GO AWAY.

But those pieces of tape didn’t keep the engine from failing. Because denial is a save now, pay later scheme.

The negative feelings we are DESPERATE to get rid of were deliberately BUILT INTO US as incredibly intelligent warning signs. They are DIVINE GIFTS, pointing us to better honor ourselves and our values. They bring unpleasant truths but when we listen to them, they bring us ALL the juicy goodness!

Instead of resisting our negative emotions and desperately suppressing them, I believe it is high time we LISTEN and respect the vital messages they bring.

Choosing to live in the truth brings a joy and a freedom I could never explain. Are you ready to face the truths and true colors your resentment, anger, frustration, and fears are trying to show you?

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