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You don't OWE anyone.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

“Quit your bitchin. You have life so good.”

“I pay for EVERYTHING. You have it made. You have no right to complain.”

“How dare you speak to me that way after everything I have done for you.”

“You would be nothing without me. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“You’re so spoiled. You get anything you want. You should be grateful.”

“I’ve been so nice to you and THIS is how I get repaid?”

“You’ve got a fancy car and travel all over the world. You think anyone will feel sorry for you?”

Don’t get too mouthy. Don’t ask for respect. Don’t bring up things that bother you.

Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.... Because you’ve given away your rights. You’ve TRADED your right to be treated with respect and dignity to be TAKEN CARE OF.

It’s an unspoken transaction.

He pays the bills, so you don’t get a say.

He spoils you, so you don’t get to have concerns about his behavior.

He gives you loyalty, so you don’t have the right to deny him sex.

He takes care of your needs, so how dare you stand up to him.

All this boils down to “YOU OWE ME.”


Because your partner thinks he OWNS YOU like a nice car.

And well taken care of cars don’t talk back.

A piece of property doesn’t deny its owner its time, energy, effort, resources or body.

A piece of property has no right to say “no”.

A piece of property does not defy the TRANSACTION that has transpired.

Goddess, there are deep ancestral patterns being broken. The Divine Feminine is waking up to her inherent entitlement to HERSELF. She is refusing to be OWNED anymore. She is owning her worth and DEMANDING to be treated as such. She is seeing the truth and refusing to cheapen the Goddess she is to an item to be bought. THE GAME IS UP.

You, Love, are SO much more than a piece of property. No matter how spoiled you are, no matter who is paying the bills, no matter how “nice” someone is to you, NO ONE deserves to mistreat or abuse you. YOU CANNOT BE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE.

If anyone offers you any less than appreciation, admiration, respect, dignity, and equality, they can FUCK OFF. You don’t have to earn it. You don’t OWE anyone ANYTHING in order to have it.

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