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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

All my life, I can recall comments made about my breast size.

“Your genetics have cursed you with small boobs.”

“I don’t know why so many guys like you - you’re so flat chested.”

“You’re a 9 out of 10 because you don’t have any boobs.”

“You could be a 10 if you had a boob job.”

“I love that you don’t have any boobs because I know the other guys won’t look at you.”

“Boobs are my favorite but at least you have a nice butt.”

“It’s ok you don’t have any boobs. Personality is my favorite anyway.”

All the small comments and jabs, laughed off and downplayed.

All the reminders I don’t measure up to society’s “ideal”.

The message is clear. Some random body part size, that men prioritize and enjoy, MATTERS. It matters SO MUCH, women line up to “fix” it. It matters SO MUCH, my body is considered SECOND RATE and acceptance of it (and ME) is a FAVOR.


My body is 100% UNAVAILABLE to be picked apart and criticized any longer for its ability to please someone else.

Goddess, you are NOT a product to consume. We do not have to ACHIEVE being pleasing. We ARE PLEASURE. Our BODIES are not magic. WE are MAGIC.

Your BODY doesn’t make you a GODDESS. Your ESSENCE does. Admiring, cherishing, and enjoying you is NOT a FAVOR. It is a FUCKING SACRED PRIVILEGE. If someone sees it any other way, they don’t deserve a second more of your Divine presence.

Goddess, if you’re tired of being seen as a flawed body instead of the Divine Goddess you are, raise your fucking standards.

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