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The Art of Dehumanization

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

“Anyone who isn’t a Patriot is a Traitor.”

“Anyone who supports Trump is a White Supremacist.”

“I refuse to unify with THEM.”

We are living in a time where hatred and polarization is sexy and glorified. It’s EVERYWHERE.

And it literally makes me want to fucking vomit.

I get the worst knot in the pit of my stomach because I’m all too familiar with this narrative and where it’s heading.

The posturing. The positioning. The taunting. The grouping and cliques. The validation of hatred. The small flirts with violence. The first tastes of blood.

It’s not like this is our first rodeo.

It’s not like our species is a stranger to war and violence.

But is this really what we are going to choose AGAIN?

Empires have fallen, over and over. Mass wars have happened, over and over. Unthinkable violence has been justified, over and over.

And it starts with DEHUMANIZATION.

“They are SCUM for what they believe.”

“They are not even worth communicating with.”

“Their beliefs place them BENEATH me.”

“They aren’t even worthy of the oxygen they breathe.”

“If they can’t believe _____ then I wish they just didn’t exist.”

“Just go die.”

Go read the VAST and detailed history of humanity! Over and over, humans BECOME the very people they condemn. They embody the very HATRED they swear against. They carry out the very VIOLENCE they boisterously and piously say they are above.

Religious positions, political positions, money, and power - pick your poison. Any of them will do as a reason to divide and spill blood.

Have we learned yet? It starts with YOU. It starts with ME. It starts with choosing something other than DEHUMANIZING each other.

We CAN choose to LISTEN to each other. We CAN choose EMPATHY. We CAN choose CURIOSITY. We CAN choose to find COMMON GROUND and SOLUTIONS.

Will you join me?

Check it out here:


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