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Seeking the Truth is a Lonely Journey

Updated: May 24, 2021

The harder you seek the truth, the more alone you will find your path.

For the truths you find will be intolerable to many.

It will burn their ears and blind their eyes.

It will stir an uneasy and uncomfortable remembering in their hearts.

They will find reasons to tune it out and shut it out.

They will change the subject.

They will beg you to stop speaking.

They will avoid your presence.

They will minimize and dismiss and squirm.

Sometimes, even those very closest to you will wish that the intensity of the truth would just go away.

And you will find yourself very alone.

And in the quiet aloneness of the truth, you will find your clarity. You will find your passion. You will find your path. And you will find the unquenchable and burning necessity to unleash the formidable power of freedom that only the truth can, regardless of who will fall away from you in that process.

The truth tellers, seers, and prophetesses, indeed walk alone, yet are accompanied by the truest companion of them all: honesty.

Do not avoid this path for its loneliness, but lean into it. Feel the fires of every emotion that arises and let them burn away every lingering temptation to settle for any illusion other than what IS. We are past the season of settling. We no longer NEED to cling to our illusions. We are ready to fully embrace the truth. And let it begin with me. Let it being with us.

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