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Sometimes Courage Is...

Updated: May 21, 2021

Somedays, I feel the heaviness of responsibility more than others.

Somedays, I’d rather crawl under a rock and ignore uncertainty, discomfort, pain, sorrow, or courageous choices.

It’s days like these I remember Brene Brown’s words - “Choose courage over comfort.” And it’s days like these choosing the courageous thing feels like total war.

Sometimes, courage is letting the tears fall.

Sometimes, courage is acknowledging you don’t know.

Sometimes, courage is admitting you're really scared.

Sometimes, courage is daring to own your mistakes.

Sometimes, courage is putting a name on a resentment.

Sometimes, courage is confessing a deep desire.

Sometimes, courage is having raw conversations.

Sometimes, courage is letting someone or something go.

Sometimes, courage is admitting something really hurts.

Sometimes, courage is bringing something up instead of shoving it down.

Sometimes, courage is facing conflict instead of avoiding it.

Courage is being with all the tender parts of ourselves, when it is intensely uncomfortable.

Yea, I’m having one of those days. Who’s with me?


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