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Stand Tall & Own Your Boundaries

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

“You’re such a buzz kill.”

These were the words used to describe me, after I told a guest substances were not allowed in my home.

These words were meant to offend me and intended to make me feel bad about holding a sacred boundary in my home.

Instead of fighting the accusation and trying to make myself appear “easy” and “fun”, I stood up tall and owned it.

“Yep. I am a buzz kill. I am a snob and I am high maintenance. I have standards I am not ashamed of.”

I instantly felt the power drain out of the accusation he meant to be shameful. I felt pride rush into my body, for all of the work I have done to stop prioritizing everyone else’s comfort over mine.

I continued.

“I do not wish to stand in the way of anyone’s lifestyle or the way anyone chooses to be happy. I don’t judge them if they wish to drink or smoke or use however they like. AND I get one little slice of this earth - my sanctuary. And it gets to be governed on MY TERMS and by MY STANDARDS.”

This is how a Goddess governs her domain.

You are not obligated to accommodate yourself to others’ choices in your own sanctuary. It is YOURS.

They will call you ALL the names. They will laugh at your standards. They will mock your boundaries. Own it. Let it BUILD the Queen you are.

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