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"THAT" Thing

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You know that thing you feel totally unprepared to talk about? That thing that brings up shame, embarrassment, fear, and insecurity? That thing that makes your body shudder and tremble, bringing a wave of heat and a rush of blood to your face? That thing you avoid talking about and hope people don’t notice?

Yea, THAT thing.

That is it. That is your gift. That is your light. That is your message.

We NEED to hear you and we need to hear specifically about THAT thing.

I had THAT thing too. I didn’t want to talk about the stuff happening in my relationships. I was embarrassed about my partner’s drug use. I was embarrassed about the disrespect I was tolerating. I was ashamed to admit I was enduring verbal abuse and abuse of power at home. I sugarcoated the depth of my codependency. I had secrets in the closet and I was really good at hiding them.

I thought I could compensate for my secrets by sharing other parts of me and serving in other ways. But I was lying to myself.

My work today would be MEANINGLESS if I did not share my DEEPEST, DARKEST, UGLIEST wounds. I touch the most tender parts of people’s SOULS because I am willing to go into all of MY most tender places.

When I got RADICALLY HONEST with myself, I got to heal me. When I got RADICALLY HONEST with OTHERS, I got to watch absolute MAGIC. Everything I was HIDING became my greatest asset. All of my SECRETS became my life’s work and gift to the world.

If you are withholding that ONE thing you think is insignificant, you are blocking yourself from becoming a MASSIVE catalyst and lighthouse. Your wounds ARE your gift. You possess a power you will never know until you bring it into the light.

It’s time we all upgrade to a new level of transparency and truth. It’s time to unapologetically live in the light.

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