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The Importance of Coaches

Updated: May 21, 2021

I have been as annoyed as the next person at the endless marketing content of women’s business coaches. Sometimes they are pushy. Sometimes they are incredibly opinionated about “their way”. Sometimes they prescribe the same strategy for wildly different businesses. Sometimes they are over the top hopeful, when maybe they shouldn’t be. Sometimes they are relentlessly optimistic. Sometimes, they are just dead wrong.


I owe my life today to some of those coaches.

They provoked me to see a different path.

They outraged me when I stubbornly argued to keep my limitations.

They annoyed me with their relentless defiance of the mediocre.

They told me I could accomplish more until I actually believed it.

They empowered me until I finally believed I could do it myself.

They inspired me to DARE to LIVE more.

After reading thousands of posts, listening to hundreds of books and podcasts, and having many many stubborn conversations, they finally convinced me I really didn’t have to settle for a life I was miserable living.

They taught me I could be UNAPOLOGETIC of earning money.

They taught me I could be UNAPOLOGETIC of setting high standards to access my time and skills.

They taught me I could be UNAPOLOGETIC of wielding my own financial authority.

And these things were PROFOUND in my healing of all of my feminine woundedness. These things were PROFOUND in healing the belief I was at the mercy of someone else. These things were PROFOUND in healing the belief I could not take care of myself adequately.

And I will be forever grateful for the freedom those coaches inspired in me.

As Goddesses, we must learn to be UNAPOLOGETIC of reclaiming our financial authority over our lives. You cannot be free if you are financially dependent.


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