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The making of an Unapologetic Woman

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

How I, Jillian Aurora - an average woman - became a Goddess.

I walked through the fires and the darkness.

I braved lonely, confusing relationships.

I lost myself in rescuing, forcing, manipulating, and achieving.

But through all the valleys and rabbit trails, I never stopped tenaciously searching for myself.

I thought I was incapable, broken, and inadequate.

I thought I needed someone outside of myself to save me.

I thought I was at the mercy of life, relationships, and jobs.

I thought if I could just love hard enough, I would be worth loving back.

Slowly, I discovered there had been a Goddess inside, all along.

I realized I had been tricked into thinking I was fragile and helpless.

I had been conditioned to think I needed to wait for permission.

I had been duped into believing life was lived hoping and waiting for someone to have my back.

I had been told wanting more was bad and dangerous.

And no one had ever told me of my super powers.

But I learned.

I learned of my strength through the challenges I conquered.

I learned of my resiliency through the trials I thought would kill me.

I learned of my autonomy through rising up to meet my own needs.

I learned of my power through having my own back.

I learned of my own value through raising my standards.

I learned of my royalty through requiring permission to access me.

I learned of my magic through unapologetically following my heart.

Today, I know. The game is up.

I thoroughly know my royalty and I won’t stop until you know yours.


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