Updated: May 21, 2021

It is such a scary thing to burn away EVERYTHING that does not match your 100% FUCK YES’s.

Taking that jump and burning down:



  • The JOBS




Is a journey that many of us are unsure we will even SURVIVE.

The fears on the top of the list are:

  • What if I go completely BROKE?

  • What if I FAIL?

  • What if I end up having to GO BACK?

  • What if I really am unable to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF?

  • What if NO ONE ever LOVES me again?

  • What if I will have to be ALONE forever?

These are VERY real fears. VERY real risks.

And that’s why this transformation takes fucking GUTS. Because YOU MIGHT FAIL.


When I made that glorious choice to CHOOSE ME, it cost me A LOT.

I left my marriage.

I left my home.

I left animals I loved.

I left my garden.

I left stability.

I left money.

I left adventure and travel.

I left a lifestyle of physical ease.

And then I kept on shedding.

I left my 13 year career.

I left a steady paycheck.

I left friends.

I left my accommodation of everyone else’s feelings.

And now, a few years later, I get to see how UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHOOSING ME has PAID OFF.

  • I have built a movement that helps hundreds of women EVERYDAY.

  • My business has expanded in ways I never dreamed was possible.

  • I have created a home that is EXACTLY what I want - nourishing, peaceful, beautiful, and full of green things. <3

  • I am surrounded by flourishing LIFE - my partner, my family, my furbabies, friends, clients.

  • I regularly get to invest in myself through building my business knowledge, communication skills, and so much more wisdom related to women and my work.

  • I have more financial assets than I’ve ever had in my entire life and I am very close to being 100% debt free (including my house).

  • I have GIVEN more away this year than I have in my entire life (over $12,000 SO FAR).

  • I have a Divine TEAM that supports me and my work, sometimes without me even knowing WHAT to ask for.