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When You're the Exception

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

"None of the other women he’s been with could handle him.”

“No one has taken the time to love him the way he needs.”

“He’s an unruly asshole, but he’s mine.”

“Our love is strong enough to overcome anything.”

These were easy relationship traps for me. I relished the idea of being the EXCEPTION. The ONE who was able to tame the beast. The ONE who was GOOD ENOUGH to be the reason he was willing to CHANGE.

It was my sick addiction. It was the measuring stick I used to determine my worth. If I was the EXCEPTION, I had proof I was GOOD ENOUGH.

When we are looking for EXTERNAL validation of our worth, we will always come up short handed. Our worth requires no validation. There aren’t any prerequisites. There is NOTHING we can do to diminish or enhance our worthiness of love, respect, and dignity.

My worth was there all along. As is yours. If we look for proof outside of ourselves we aren’t good enough, we will always find it.

It is up to US to DECIDE we are worthy and loveable and ACT upon it.

If you are HOOKED on being the EXCEPTION and the ONLY ONE who could make him change, it’s time to take a look at the flawed measuring stick you are using to determine your worth. Stop hustling for it. It’s already there. <3 - Join my FREE Unapologetic Group

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