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Stop With The Bullshit EXCUSES

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I hear women say all the time that they do not have money to invest in a coach, course, retreat, intensive, class, etc.

I watch these same women choose to spend their money in other ways:

Home improvements

New furniture


Eye lashes

Plastic surgery

Sports events



Meals out

Fancy wine

Elaborate children’s activities


We as women have learned to invest in ourselves in only superficial ways. We are afraid of digging too deep, so we stretch ourselves out SO FAR we are able to justify why we “just CAN’T” afford it. We have learned to deceive ourselves into thinking we are incapable of accessing true nourishment and honest self discovery.

The truth is self discovery is DANGEROUS. Questions of depth are DANGEROUS. Unrestricted exploration is DANGEROUS.

If we can simply conveniently convince ourselves the very catalysts threatening to unearth some very scary parts, buried deep beneath the surface, are INACCESSIBLE, we never have to GO “there” or FACE “that”. We stay conveniently oblivious, lamenting we wish we could do more…

I myself have used many other strategies to avoid the honesty and accountability of personal development. There are SO MANY convenient excuses…

“It’s not a good time.”

“Someone else needs me right now.”

“I’ve had other things come up.”

“I just want to get xyz done first.”

“I’m going to use the money on someone else.”

In this way, we not only avoid our own work, we also pat ourselves on the back for it.

I STILL get to call myself out when I am avoiding self care and self investment. I STILL get to call myself out when I am leading with every excuse. I STILL get to call myself out when I am delaying taking a risk or making a significant investment.


I know when I get willing to do the work, shamelessly invest in myself, and walk the walk I talk about, EVERYONE BENEFITS. When I grow, I become the next level of ME. I SHOW UP bolder, braver, wiser, and kinder.

Where are you resisting investing in yourself and your own self care? Where are you creating bullshit excuses to avoid doing your work?

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