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You Are Worthy of Boundaries

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Don’t ever expect people who are taking advantage of you to celebrate your boundaries. They will be the ones who will bring up ALL the voices.

They will mirror EVERY inner voice that says how DARE YOU. “You’re selfish.” “You’re unsupportive.” “You’re controlling.” “You always have to be right.” “You just think you’re so perfect.” “You’re always making mountains out of molehills.”

If those are the voices you are hearing, it’s because those are the voices somewhere in YOUR HEAD.

Somewhere in YOUR HEAD, you think you are unworthy of setting boundaries and asking for what you need. You think that maybe, just maybe, you really are selfish. You think maybe you are just making needless problems and maybe you should just let things slide. Their words have power because and ONLY BECAUSE there is a piece of you that BELIEVES THEM.

When you so thoroughly believe honoring yourself, your values, your rights, and your boundaries is actually most honoring to EVERYONE, toxic accusations and digs will not require a second thought.

The people who DISRESPECT you and USE you the most will be the very people you will get to set the most boundaries with. And they will not like you for it. They will be mad they are not getting their way. They will be frustrated when they are not able to use your time, or effort, or resources as their own. They will use pity, and guilt trips, and accusations to get you to cave.

They are a catalyst for your growth, girl.

They are challenging you to higher levels of self-respect. Self-loyalty. Self-trust. Integrity. Courage.

Let them BRING IT and then RISE like the GODDESS you are.

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