You can't do it ALL. Make your choice.

I used to have the biggest problem letting go of ANYTHING.








I was loyal to EVERYTHING that happened to come into my space.

My problem was - I saw value in everything, so I justified keeping it all.

I could always find the GOOD qualities of a relationship. I could always find the things to be GRATEFUL for at my job. I could always identify the things I LOVED about opportunities, volunteer commitments, and projects. So, they ALL stayed.

The COST to keeping everything was EXPENSIVE.

I constantly felt STUCK. My schedule was SO full it felt like I was on a never ending hamster wheel. There was no space for any of the dreams, goals, and relationships I REALLY wanted and I lived perpetually exhausted.

I told myself those dreams would come “later”. Someday, I would have space for them.

The truth was, keeping all the things I “loved”, was grateful for, and could see value in, was completely BLOCKING me from what I REALLY WANTED.

I had been conditioned to see letting things go as being Ungrateful. Discontent. Disloyal. Unreliable. Irresponsible. Rejection. Betrayal.

But what I failed to get honest about were my own limitations.

I did not have unlimited space.

I did not have unlimited time.

I did not have unlimited attention.

I refused to see my responsibility to MAKE A CHOICE.

So I continued operating in the illusion I could make it all fit. That I could keep every relationship, job, and opportunity. That I could choose everyone else AND me.

And you know where that got me?

Tired. Unfulfilled. Resentful. And doing NOTHING well.

I had to get REAL WITH MYSELF. When I got HONEST, I admitted I couldn’t fit it all. When I got HONEST, I admitted I had to CHOOSE what I wanted in my space and on my calendar. When I got HONEST, I admitted some seasons got to END.