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You can't do it ALL. Make your choice.

I used to have the biggest problem letting go of ANYTHING.








I was loyal to EVERYTHING that happened to come into my space.

My problem was - I saw value in everything, so I justified keeping it all.

I could always find the GOOD qualities of a relationship. I could always find the things to be GRATEFUL for at my job. I could always identify the things I LOVED about opportunities, volunteer commitments, and projects. So, they ALL stayed.

The COST to keeping everything was EXPENSIVE.

I constantly felt STUCK. My schedule was SO full it felt like I was on a never ending hamster wheel. There was no space for any of the dreams, goals, and relationships I REALLY wanted and I lived perpetually exhausted.

I told myself those dreams would come “later”. Someday, I would have space for them.

The truth was, keeping all the things I “loved”, was grateful for, and could see value in, was completely BLOCKING me from what I REALLY WANTED.

I had been conditioned to see letting things go as being Ungrateful. Discontent. Disloyal. Unreliable. Irresponsible. Rejection. Betrayal.

But what I failed to get honest about were my own limitations.

I did not have unlimited space.

I did not have unlimited time.

I did not have unlimited attention.

I refused to see my responsibility to MAKE A CHOICE.

So I continued operating in the illusion I could make it all fit. That I could keep every relationship, job, and opportunity. That I could choose everyone else AND me.

And you know where that got me?

Tired. Unfulfilled. Resentful. And doing NOTHING well.

I had to get REAL WITH MYSELF. When I got HONEST, I admitted I couldn’t fit it all. When I got HONEST, I admitted I had to CHOOSE what I wanted in my space and on my calendar. When I got HONEST, I admitted some seasons got to END.

Trying to force everything to fit in my life was not honoring or loving to anyone, least of all myself.

Today, I prune my relationships, activities, opportunities, and projects RUTHLESSLY. Because this is a NECESSITY in order to be TRUE TO MYSELF. I DON’T have space for it all. And letting things go is a very NATURAL and NORMAL part of growth.

Goddess, what are you hanging on to that has passed its expiration date many times over? Where are you justifying keeping something “good” that is blocking you from something mind blowing?

Isn’t it time to let the seasons end in order to make room for the next season, longing to blossom?

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