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You Aren't a Slot Machine

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

“I feel guilty I don’t love him back.”

“He’s been so nice to me.”

“He’s been such a gentleman.”

“He’s bought me lots of nice things.”

“He’s been there for me.”

“He doesn’t deserve to go unloved.”

When will we stop reducing ourselves to bargaining chips and transactions?

We aren’t slot machines. You don’t get to put in “nice” and get out “love”.

That truly isn’t fulfilling for anyone.

Manufacturing “love” out of guilt, obligation, and duty, is fake, dishonest, and dishonoring.

We as women get to level the fuck up.

Being honest about our true desires is honoring to EVERYONE.

Holding to our OWN standards is honoring to EVERYONE.

Taking the path that light us up and turns us on is honoring to EVERYONE.

Giving an honest NO is honoring to EVERYONE.

Letting men take responsibility for their own emotions without coddling is honoring to EVERYONE.

NO you don’t owe him because he was nice to you.

NO you don’t owe him because he gave you nice things.

NO you don’t owe him because he will be sad.

You owe him HONESTY.


You owe YOURSELF your loyalty, honesty, and pure passion.

You owe it to YOURSELF to have your own back.

You owe it to YOURSELF to choose you.

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