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You Have Earned Your Discernment

Updated: May 21, 2021

Your discernment is getting stronger. You are seeing the red flags. You are learning to trust yourself and that “gut feeling”.

So, you start to set limits and boundaries. You start allowing that inner discernment to guide you away from potentially dangerous situations.

But a whole new saboteur shows its face.

All the sudden, people are saying you have “TRUST ISSUES”.

And now you’re confused again.

“Are my gut feelings wrong?”

“Are these red flags just illusions?”

“Am I too fucked up to judge accurately?”

“Am I just too affected by my trauma to trust?”

“Will I EVER be able to trust myself?”

Goddess, the only illusion is the voice that tells you you are too fucked up to trust yourself.

Because when you don’t trust yourself, you are easily CONTROLLABLE.

You have EARNED your DISCERNMENT with a hell of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Your wisdom has come with a steep price. Don’t let some naysaying bimbo steal that from you, with some “trust issue” BULLSHIT.

The trauma you have overcome is not your punishment. It is not a weapon to be continually used against you to discredit you and throw you off. It is the proof you have used a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to TRANSFORM yourself into a FIERCE FUCKING WARRIOR.

YOU, Goddess, have BUILT yourself from the ashes of your devastation. You have picked yourself up, when you barely had a breath left. And you have learned. You have dug deep to understand the patterns, the red flags, the warning signs. You have done the deeply uncomfortable work. You have screamed and grieved. You have dared to believe you could try again and get it right this time.

So, Goddess, YES you ABSOLUTELY should LAUGH in the fucking face of anyone who tries to shame you for calling out the red flags like the BOSS YOU ARE. YES, you should ABSOLUTELY not waste a SECOND of time on anyone who dares mistake your wisdom for “trust issues”. YES, you should ABSOLUTELY tell the asshole who tells you your boundaries are “just because you can’t get over your trauma” to FUCK RIGHT OFF.

But what I hope you NEVER AGAIN do is question YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT and INTUITION.

After a LIFETIME of being told you are crazy, untrustworthy, and inadequate, I’m here to tell you now you were never missing a thing and you were BUILT with this crazy amazing Divine guidance system. After a LIFETIME of being told to seek your answers from someone smarter, wiser, and better than you, I’m here to tell you THERE IS NO ONE who knows about YOUR LIFE better than YOU.

Let today be the day you reclaim your personal authority for good.

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