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You Were Created for MORE

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

You were created for more than having a relationship.

Yet, many of us women live as if it is our sole objective. Like we are incomplete without one. And, I get it.

I get it so much, because I was literally bred and brainwashed to embody that purpose. My worth hinged on being pure enough, righteous enough, modest enough, submissive enough, “servant minded” enough, and domestic enough, to catch a good husband. My entire childhood and teen years consisted of preparation for this purpose and oh boy, was I ever a good girl. I was gonna get me a great man. Equipped with my purity ring and hope chest, I could cook, sew, garden, preserve food, and pray enough to make any good man drool.

My illusion consisted of this: I maintain all the standards and rules of being a “good woman” and I’ll be rewarded with love.

That was a tough let down.

I had not realized how wholly I had surrendered myself to my own degradation and diminishment. There was NOTHING in the world that could make up for selling out my true potential. There was nothing that could make up for the fulfillment any human being feels when they are operating in their gifts and soul calling, surrendering into their intuition with abandon.

It seems absurd to think I actually believed my life was limited to being a good wife at one time. I now look back and realize I was simply following the deeply embedded generational beliefs within myself, blindly accepted by almost everyone around me. As I lived my life and experienced the natural consequences of these beliefs lived out, the pain of it all taught me to value myself more. To value my potential more. To value who I was created to be for myself, instead of another person. It was like I slowly woke up from a cultural and generational stupor of oppression I didn’t even know to question.

So, if life has seemed like an unconscious race to find the ideal partner, who will love you and fulfill you forever, there is more - SO MUCH MORE - you were created to be and do!

Find love - it is great and BREATHTAKING. And, it will never fulfill your purpose. It’s not the only thing you were created for. So, stop limiting yourself. Stop diminishing yourself. Dare to embody your FULL potential and purpose.

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