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Your Excuses are as Real as You Say They Are

I find it interesting, some people think I have the world and other people wonder how I could possibly be happy living so simply. Some people see my life as luxurious, others see me as entirely underwhelming. I have experienced crowds of people who look up to me and crowds of people who see me as inferior.

Recently, I was mocked by someone, who thought I had a “perfect” life. She thought life was so “perfect” and “easy” for me, so how could I ever understand everyone else who had it so difficult?

Sometimes, people want to say it was just “easy” for me so they can excuse themselves from having to do their own work. If it was “easy” for me, then they can’t be expected to overcome their own “exceptionally difficult” obstacles.

And I know all too well, if we want an excuse, we WILL always find one that works.

Honestly, the circumstances of my life do not matter. We ALL have challenging journeys, because we are HERE to MASTER and LEARN. No one’s circumstances are better or worse and it’s not a competition. “Perfect” is relative. “Terrible” is perspective.

I happen to be incredibly PROUD of what I have overcome. And I hope you are equally proud of yourself.

I was born into a family with drug addiction and chaos.

My dad left when I was 6.

I had 3 developmentally disabled siblings.

I experienced a lot of religious trauma.

My brother died in a sudden accident.

I chose romantic relationships with addicts who took advantage of me.

I chose work that exploited me.

I was stolen from.

I was verbally and emotionally abused.

I’ve lost it all.

And, I have RISEN.

The cost of my freedom was grueling honesty, radical responsibility, courageous authenticity, physical sweat, and gut wrenching tears.

Is my life “perfect”? Yeah, to me, it is. Because I’ve intentionally CHOSEN what I have today. I DECIDED to stop SETTLING for anything out of alignment with my values, purpose, and desires.

I don’t have a crazy fancy home, but it’s the most sacred and vibrant place on earth to me.

I don’t have a flashy car, but I feel great driving it.

I don’t have a prestigious boyfriend, but he is every bit a King to me.

I don’t have a huge property, but what I have is a slice of heaven to my soul.

I don’t have noteworthy credentials or letters behind my name, but my wisdom is more valuable than anything I could acquire.

I don’t have famous friends, but I have safe and honoring relationships I adore.

I still experience pain.

I still lose people and beings I cherish.

I still experience deep grief.

I still get confused.

I still fight accepting truths I don’t like.

I still get anxious about the future.

I still don’t know how things will all work out.

But I CELEBRATE this. To me, this IS perfect.

People confuse glamor with success. But success is living with a heart wide open. It’s fully exposing yourself to the joy and the pain. It’s celebrating the messiness of the human experience. It’s refusing to settle for anything outside of your purpose, passion, and desires. It’s FREEDOM.

If you want to continue finding excuses for why you “can’t” live YOUR perfect life, you can ALWAYS find them. You can tell yourself it was easier for me and anyone else. You can tell yourself it is impossible for you.

Or, you can tell yourself you have everything you need to live the life of your dreams WITHIN YOURSELF.

And, either way, you will be right.

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