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YOUR way is the right way for YOU.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Thank you to the rebel rousers and truth tellers.

Thank you to the listeners.

Thank you to the peacemakers.

Thank you to the conversationalists.

Thank you to the influencers.

Thank you to the researchers.

Thank you to the space holders.

Thank you to the healers.

Thank you to the sensitive and softhearted.

Thank you to the warriors.

Thank you to the optimists.

Thank you to the unapologetic.

I see you. And I LOVE that you are playing YOUR role.

I am grateful we are not all rebellious warriors, because there would never be peace.

I am grateful we are not all peacemakers, because sometimes a world governed by accommodation isn’t always honest.

I am grateful we are not all sensitive because someone has to stomach the brutality.

I am grateful we are not all optimists, because someone has to brave the darkness.

I am grateful we are not all loud voices, because someone has to do the reflective listening.

In our lifetime, we are all playing parts in a grand symphony. We are all here to learn, master, and heal. EVERY PART helps us accomplish that. EVERY ROLE gives us the opportunity to learn, get clarity, and uplevel.

Right now, there is a LOT of pressure to CONFORM. To be like someone else and hold all of their views and opinions. Be brave enough to BE YOU. Give yourself permission to play the role YOUR HEART dictates - not everyone else.

Sending love to everyone who needs it right now. I see you. And I THANK YOU for being EXACTLY how you are. <3

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